Really Kindof Amazing: Theron Humphrey and His Wild Ideas

by reallykindofamazing

Theron Humphrey is a uniquely inspiring fellow. He is the type of guy that creates his own destiny, a quality I greatly admire. He’s rooted in reality, but has dreams as big as continents. You see Theron decided one day that a chapter of his story will be re-telling small chapters of other peoples’ stories. Hopping in your car with your dog and your camera and setting out to shoot all 50 states in 365 days is a feat in itself. But, doing so with purpose means the life you’re changing isn’t yours alone. I met Theron in a similar way most people meet in the 21st century; online. Of all the places he could have been 207 days into his journey, the day I stumbled across his blog, was the day he was only 35 miles away. His advanced website allowed me to see his location as well as send him a message letting him know where I was. I knew without doubt that Theron was a man I was supposed to meet. While Carla and I carried out a small fraction of this journey we already had much in common – and thus, much to talk about. And conversations with Theron are easy. He’s old-fashioned, soft-spoken, inquisitive and sincere. He’s the type of guy that you start telling secrets to before you even offer him a drink. I only know one other person with that kind of remarkable ability and her name is Carla. Theron wants to know who you are, what you create and “what’s been getting you fired up lately”. That’s his favorite question to ask people, because it’s so open for interpretation. It’s the question he gets the most unpredictable answers to. Aside from his own congeniality, his dog Maddie is one of the finest pups you’ll ever meet. A loyal companion on the long road. She’s not only disciplined, focused and poised but she is the most humble celebrity I’ve ever met. Maddie has become famous but remains true to her art: standing on things. So when these two rolled into town I knew I was getting the opportunity to introduce him to the amazing city of Des Moines and some its most interesting inhabitants. As a self-proclaimed ambassador to the city and state of Iowa, one of my favorite things is connecting people, which I got to do for stories 228-234. We also had breakfast at Baby Boomers, strolled through the western gateway sculpture garden, rocked the jukebox at The Alpine, had tenderloins at the Peru Tap and drank whiskey at Carl’s Place. Since continuing his journey west we’ve stayed in contact, which allows me to live vicariously through him and his adventure, which you can do to. We also worked together to make him some tshirts which act as a fundraiser for his travels. So until Carla and I can get back out on the open road, I introduce to you Theron Humphrey and his Really Kindof Amazing Wild Idea. ~gc

“I don’t want to set the world on fire. I just want to start a flame in your heart.” The Ink Spots (1941)